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Bighorn Botanicals, Inc. welcomes you to our retail site.

We now offer the general public the great products previously offered only to health care professionals, health food stores and alternative clinics.

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Montana YewTip™-The natural, non-toxic Taxane source of our Dietary Supplements

Montana YewTip™ Products


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PACIFIC YEW (taxus brevifolia) - The Naturally Safe Taxane Source    
Yew Dietary Supplements: Yew Capsules, Yew Tea, Yew Tincture, Yew Oil, Yew Powder.
External Yew Products: Yew Salve, Yew Soap, Yew Lotion, Yew Lip Balm

Click on Pacific Yew Tree Profile. Learn more about the legendary Yew Tree, ethnobotany and historical use
of these powerful products.

Montana YewTip™ Capsules Supplement-Made from powdered Yew Tea.
Yew Capsules
made from powdered Yew Tea.
Convenient, effective,
easy to swallow

Montana YewTip™ Capsules Supplement

Capsules are filled with powdered Yew Tea and provide the same benefits as the brewed loose Yew Tea, Yew Tincture or Yew Oil.  Yew Powder is delivered to the blood stream through absorption in the digestive tract, just as any vitamin or mineral supplement.

Yew Capsules packaged in white HDPE packers, shrink sealed lids.



Capsules, 180 ct/330 mg $46.50 USD
Yew Tincture-alcohol base concentrate, strong flavor, quick acting.
Yew Tincture is an
alcohol base concentrate,
strong flavor, quick acting.
Montana YewTip™ Tincture Supplement

Fresh milled Yew Tincture is made by combining 190 proof grain alcohol with raw Yew tips that dehydrates the cells of the plant by maceration, resulting in a strong concentrate of constituents.

Bottled in amber glass w/shrink sealed lid.

2 oz  bottle w/dropper $25.50 USD
4 oz  bottle – w/dropper $42.50
16 oz bottle – no dropper $146.00

Montana YewTip™ Tincture

Yew Oil-alcohol-free Yew tincture, blended with olive oil. 
Yew Oil - an alcohol-free
Yew tincture blended with olive oil. 

Montana YewTip™ Oil Supplement

Yew Oil is an alcohol-free Yew tincture with the same strength as the alcohol based tincture, but more versatile to use.  Take the Yew Oil directly from the dropper, add to cereal, blend with salad dressings, add to cooked food or apply topically. 

Yew Oil is bottled in amber glass with shrink sealed lids.


Montana YewTip™ Oil, Fresh
Yew Tea, Loose-a potent brew, very earthy flavor.
Yew Tea - a potent brew,
very earthy flavor.

Montana YewTip™ Tea, Loose Supplement

Brewed loose Yew Tea is a decoction of potent flavor which can be enhanced with lemon and/or honey.  A decoction extracts all water soluble constituents from the Yew tips.

Yew Tea is packed in a sealed, re-sealable Ziploc foil bag. A one pound bag will brew 43 quarts of tea. The 2oz bag brews approximately forty 8oz cups

Montana YewTip Tea Loose

1lb Bag $46.50 USD
2oz Bag $7.00 USD

Montana YewTip Tea Loose
Yew Salve-comforting to irritating skin conditions, injuries abrasions, insect bites and burns
Yew Salve - topical use

Montana YewTip™ Salve

Yew Salve is a solidified, concentrated form of Yew constituents for topical use. It is comforting to irritating skin conditions, injuries abrasions, insect bites and burns.

1 oz jar $14.45 USD
2 oz jar $27.00
4 oz jar $48.50


YewTip™ Salve

Yew Lotion-Organic Yew lotion base blended with Yew Oil.  Pampers your skin.
Organic Yew lotion base
blended with Yew Oil. 
Pampers your skin.

Montana YewTip™ Lotion

Yew Tip Oil is blended with an organic lotion base to provide maximum benefits for dry skin, chapped/cracked hands or feet and sun damage.  Natural Yew or floral fragrance, your choice.  The light green Yew color will fade when exposed excessively to sunlight.  Store accordingly. Made fresh regularly.

Yew Lotion is bottled in a plastic, flip top container.

Natural  Yew $16.75 USD
Floral Fragrance $16.75

MontanaYewTip™ Lotion
Yew Soap-Handmade,  kind to your skin.
Yew Soap - handmade,  kind to your skin.

Montana YewTip™ Soap

Handmade soap contains Yew Oil and Olive Oil blended with a castile base.  Yew Soap is very gentle on sensitive skin and skin with irritating conditions.  Yew Soap is made fresh regularly and lasts twice as long as commercial soaps.

Yew Bars of Soap are individually boxed.

Montana YewTip™ Soap $8.50
Yew Lip Balm Tube-Ingredients: Beeswax, Montana Yew Oil. Soothing  to dry chapped lips.
Yew Lip Balm
Montana YewTip™ Lip Balm Tube

Yew Lip Balm contains Montana Yew Oil and Beeswax. It is very soothing  to dry, chapped and sunburned lips.




Montana YewTip™ Lip Balm Tube $5.25


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